Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Remix Project Update

This Friday Feb 28th is the deadline for the remix project that DJ friend DJ Raph and I will be submitting a collaborative project to. The projected is called the 1200 Ways Remix Contest, a contest in which winners will be chosen for each track (I believe ?_?).

Link here: http://e22.com/1200ways/remix/

DJ Raph and I met up earlier this week to go over production of this track, laying the tracks down, working with Traktor (DJ software), and creative ways that we can both contribute. 

As an artist its important to know what resources are out there, take the opportunity, and when you need help, holla at a brotha! 

We hope that Shing02 will be pleased with our project :)

More to come on our release soon!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Untitled Video Game Track and Remix Project (s) and Hungry Ghost

A lot going on in the world of music, for it is constantly evolving as humanity continues to evolve; our ideas expanding into a chaotic but beautiful aura and casted into the universe.

It has been a little difficult to get into new music, but sometimes something will come along and enlighten my day.

Producing on my end is working at a steady pace, working only on projects that come my way or that I am able to try to put my "all in" so to speak. All i'll reveal at this time is that I am working on an instrumental track that sounds like something straight out of a video game, more specifically an RPG game (refer to previous entry). ANY IDEAS FOR TITLES OF THIS TRACK ARE WELCOME!!!
I also decided that I am going to make an EDM remix of this piece as well.

I will be entering a remix contest hosted by Shing02, rapper, environmentalist who collaborated with Nujabes and one of my biggest musical and lyrical influences. More updates to come and hopefully will link to my sound cloud of the final product!

On a side note I have periodically been checking the scars on broadway website to see if there are any  new announcements on the new Album + EP,  I have been waiting for years....still nothing. This band continues to be a very big inspiration of mine as well.
 Here is a Scars on Broadway song that really admire, which has rock, experimental music and maybe even some middle eastern influences  "Hungry Ghosts".

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Mic Check

The life of an independent music artist and DJ. Where do I begin?

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great, but I have been looking for another way to maybe more effectively relate with people out there when it just comes to expressing what happens in my daily life as a music artist, DJ, activist, student, even as a gamer, but more importantly as a human being.

Last night I was up until 3 AM trying to decode and understand how to use Reason as a tool to produce music. I found this interesting video that this guy, probably also a small music producer like myself, either created or learned from somewhere how to create a crunchy 8-bit synth. I was drawn to it:


Filled with excitement, I may repeat last night, learning youtube videos how people create these interesting synths and sounds.

Caught in between EDM (Electronic Dance Music for those who may not know), Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal, Punk, Jazz, World music etc... I'm attempting to experiment with a lot of different sounds and trying to incorporate many of them together. Who knows where the hell this will take me, but it should be an amazingly fulfilling journey while I try to balance out my personal, social, professional and musical live [and health :) ]